Roads of Destiny a Fantasy of Hate and Vengeance

Roads of Destiny a fantasy of hate and vengeance born of pure love. It follows the rise and fall of the first incarnation of the Nova Empire and Church. An empire built by the Goddess Angharad following the death of her divine lover Aodh.

Darkest Hour

Aodh and Angharad on their Roads of Destiny
Aodh and Angharad on their Roads of Destiny ©Russell Chapman 2014

In a world of peace and harmony created by the Gods, the jealous God Aodh creates three religions to set humankind against itself. He brings the gift of divine fruit, to infect the people with the disease of sin. Thereafter blind ambition and desire ravage the unsuspecting perfect world, through hate, greed, lust and envy. Combined with Angharad’s unquenchable thirst for vengeance, these sins create a perfect storm from which the Nova Empire rises.

Lurking in the darkest corners of imperfect souls, The Demon drives men to commit ever more evils deeds. Who has the strength to fight it by seeking forgiveness and redemption, before the final step on their ‘Road of Destiny’?

The author Russell Chapman, wrote Roads of Destiny during his darkest hour. Yet that period in his life sparked the creativity to stir the cauldron of imagination and write. The world overflowed with material, with sources such as ISIS’ rise to power. He brings to life the full spectrum of life’s emotions, from the joy of love and creation to the hatred of the mob at a public execution.

Readers of this tale can choose to treat it as a ripping yarn and ignore the difficult questions it asks. However, the brave may participate in some self reflection and answer them. Are you courageous enough?

Roads of Destiny web edition scheduled for serialisation on this website in 2019. The 1st edition is available on Amazon in both kindle and printed format.

© 2019 Russell Chapman


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